Animation: An Enterprise Case Study 

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Can Animation Succeed as an Enterprise Solution?

We're often asked if animation (in particular, the style of animation we create) is effective at an enterprise level.


To address this concern an Animation Studio client, ComplyTec, has shared their experience leveraging animation as part of their marketing strategy.

Who is ComplyTec?

ComplyTec helps enterprises protect themselves from financial risk associated with cyber attacks and compliance failures. Their current customers range from large financial institutions (TD Bank) to provincial governments (New Brunswick Government) to utilities (Bruce Power).

Why Animation?


The initial goal for animation was to enhance the website experience for prospective customers - while also providing an effective way to communicate the incredible impact of ComplyTec's software solutions in an easy to digest way. During discussions it was further revealed that ComplyTec participates in industry trade shows. As a result, a separate trade show booth animation solution was created. The ComplyTec trade show booth incorporated a 50" LCD TV to run a looping version of the animation (photo above).

ComplyTec's Thoughts on Animation

"I find the video produced for our NERC solution was perfect for our targeted clients, it has some fun animation but also provides some solid business value on our solution.  The target market for this solution is Large Electrical Power Generators and Bulk Transmission companies across North America, the average sale will be $200k to $400K.   We have done a lot of digital marketing and trade show over the last couple weeks and have already had 1,000 views of the video on our Linkedin home page.


One comment from a prospect that reached out for a demo this week was “I don’t want to be the guy sitting at the desk with my inbox filling up.” - Vid Kartavicius (President, ComplyTec)