Create Your Own

Animated Videos

Why pay someone else to create your animated videos when you can learn the skills yourself? 


Invest in your own skills with The Animation Studio's "Animation 101 Training Program"

and learn everything you need to build engaging animated videos for your business!



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What will you learn?

  • How to write a compelling video script.

  • Recording and editing effective voiceover narration.

  • Creating custom animated characters.

  • Editing and importing logos and other custom images.

  • Animating your stories with appropriate props, characters, chartsbackgrounds, scene transitions, camera movements, motion, sound effects, and music

What is included in our training?


We will provide you with training on our preferred animation software: (formerly GoAnimate).​ You will be required to setup your own account with Vyond (14 day free trial / $49+ per month USD thereafter). 

You will receive one-on-one training provided by our Chief Storyteller, Geoff Evans, via Zoom. Our program currently consists of 9 modules:

  • Module 1: Creating Your Video Script

  • Module 2: Recording and Editing Audio

  • Module 3: Developing Characters, Settings and a Storyboard

  • Module 4: Building a Scene (Setting, Props, Characters)

  • Module 5: Building an Animated Sequence

  • Module 6: Adding Character Dialog, Voice-Over Narration, Sound Effects, and Music

  • Module 7: Creating Custom Characters and Importing Custom Media

  • Module 8: Adding Camera Movement and Scene Transitions

  • Module 9: Exporting, Hosting, and Making Your Video Accessible (subtitles & captions).

How long is the training?

Geoff will deliver training at a pace that makes sense for you. Depending on your existing experience with storytelling, your unique training needs might require more or less time. At minimum, training would require 3 hours of commitment to cover all modules. On average clients typically benefit from 5+ hours to learn, explore and practice each topic. 

How much does the training cost?


One-on-one delivered over Zoom costs $65/hr. Plus HST.

Contact us to book your animation training!

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